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Rolex Day-Date - which one to buy?

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Quote Originally Posted by Haywood_Milton View Post
I've been reflecting on my advice above and wish to widen the target.

Everything I wrote still applies, but I would suggest that the OP looks at either :

(a) a late 18238 with as good a President 83858 bracelet on it as he can find (as I had first recommended) or

(b) a 118238, which must have the later 83208 bracelet fitted to be worth the premium which this will attract over (a).

Both models use the same 3155 calibre movement with double quick-set feature that is so useful. Any earlier model (1803, 18038 ) will not have this, while any later model doesn't really add any worthwhile feature.

The 18238 was sold until around the year 2000.

The 118238 was sold from around 2001 but the first couple of years' watches were fitted with the old 83858 bracelet. If you're paying for a 118238 then you want the full round of "upgrades" it offers : polished lugs, convex glass and revised bracelet.

I suppose one might finally note that early 118238s were correctly fitted with "old style" dials from the 18238 era (e.g. stick batons rather than luminous index batons). While indeed correct, such watches look a little odd and aren't the most desirable. Again, if you're going to pay for the later model you may as well have the newer dial as well as bracelet.


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