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Eat Out To Help Out - Anyone Doing It?

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We went out last Wednesday and sacked off "takeaway friday", it was great. Local indian, great restaurant but its usually fairly quiet except for saturday nights.
We expected it to be fairly slow but at 5.30pm it was busy, and when we left just before 7 there wasnt a spare seat to be had in the restaurant or waiting room.
Fair play to the government, they promised to help the hospitality trade and they have given it an enormous push with this scheme.

To be fair we didnt even save that much - 65 quid minus two adults "discounts" was still 45 which rounded up to 50 with a tip, it was just nice to be out, we were basically celebrating three of our birthdays from the past 4 months!

I also had a breakfast in wetherspoons last week, not my usual first choice, very spontaneous but it cost less than three quid. It would have cost me more for the ingredients from Aldi and home cooking them.

Tomorrow we're probably going to choose somewhere to go for tea again. Even when this is over and done with I quite like having a meal out in the week, finishing work and not worrying about cooking. Covid-worriers can stay home, that's absolutely fine, but I'm happy to have some measure of freedom back to be honest. As long as people are sensible with it, which they are being, then I'm pretty happy as things are.
Much of the hospitality trade dont like it as it just moves the rush from the weekend and causes staff shift issues. Revenues up Mon-Wed but down the rest of the week.
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