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Rolex Submariner 14060 Tritium, T serial 1996 - Collectors Set

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Donít come much better than that. Lovely.
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Lovely watch and a great set. As you say, it will be difficult to find anything as good. Wait until the madness passes, get it serviced and keep it
Thanks, It is a lovely set and I haven't seen a better one, I'm sure in 12/18 months I would be kicking myself for selling it, but now I have the 16600 Sea Dweller the Sub would probably remain in the safe as they are very similar, saying that the 14060 almost feels like a dress watch when wearing and is probably the most comfortable diver I have ever worn with very classy wrist presence due to the slimmer old case and 2 line no date dial.

I have other watches to sell which can be posted, if they sell first then I'll happily keep the Submariner.
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