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The business of the virus

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Thatís a shame youíve quoted him, I have to read what heís put.
Heís the only member Iíve blocked.

Riley, I do agree with you somewhat, at least weíve paid towards it rather than try and find the lot in one go.
Still painful mind....

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In simple terms, it's the same as receiving a monthly salary and having to pay taxes on that month by month rather than having the opportunity of paying it at the beginning of next year.
It's a payment on account.
In simple terms HMRC are saying that you earned that money last tax year so we fully expect you to earn the same this tax year and we want it up front.
If you don't earn the same of course you will be in credit for that tax year.
I actually prefer it that way as it lessens the burden of a large tax bill in January or if you have had a lean year gives you a "tax savings account" to fall back on.
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