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Advice on disposing of a large and significant stamp collection

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I have recently inherited a large collection - approximately 50-60 albums. The albums are all in excellent condition, and fall into two categories - UK 1840 through to the late 1990's, and then international covering from very early to around 1990's. None of this collection has ever been on the open market.

The bulk of the collection was put together in the late 1950's and 1960s, and there are, I believe, quite a large number of quite high value stamps ranging from unused penny blacks, tuppenny blues, ivory heads, misprints, sheets, 1 oranges, and a complete collection of penny reds (with the exception of plate 77), and because this collection was put together by someone who really knew his stuff, these are mostly high-grade quality.

There is a very substantial amount of stamps in this collection, with the vast majority of UK stamps represented from every era (Monarch's reign - with many represented multiple times), and what looks like a very comprehensive international collection from very early also.

The stamps are all properly sorted and presented. They are all stored securely in a paid for specialist facility in a temperature controlled environment.

So that gives you a very brief description.

However, although a collector of many things, stamps simply isn't one of my areas of interest. I can admire them for a few minutes, but I really am not interested in the incredible level of detail that serious stamp collectors have to know and be able to fully grasp to create and appreciate collection like this.

So I am looking to dispose of them. I need some recommendations for established specialist dealers (ideally in the South of England), with impeccable reputations, and who will be able to give a proper appraisal and perhaps buy them or sell them on my behalf.

I do have an idea of value (although I think the last valuation was probably about ten years ago).

Any pointers from TZ'er who know what they are talking about with this would be greatly appreciated.
Speak to Stanley Gibbons in London. You will be able to take them to their offices in The Strand for an appraisal.
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