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Today's watch: Otron Marquis ES101/ES103

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An Otron what? It's a quartz watch which my father bought in America for $99.99. The design of the watch is strongly 1980s but I'm not sure when my father bought it: It could have been anywhere from the 1980s to the early 1990s.

A quick aside about the pictures above: As you can see, one is with flash and one is without (using a tripod). Neither one is hugely satisfactory. Light, light, light.... there's never enough of it around here even in daytime (except when relying on flash when there's too much of it). I've got to invest in some bright and diffuse lighting sources, a light box, and a miniature tripod to use inside a light box.

I have to admit that I never really liked this watch but it's somewhat grown on me recently. I think it's that it has Genta-esque and Oysterquartz influences. It uses an ESA 9362 movement and, to my great satisfaction, the second hand is almost exactly spot on the markers all the way around the dial.

This is not a cheap watch: It has a fairly substantial all-stainless steel build with mineral crystal rather than acrylic. The original metal bracelet let it down a bit but I put it on the Casio metal strap/bracelet in the pictures which a) suits it rather well, and b) improves the overall look of the watch in my opinion.

This is not what you'd call a daily wearer but I enjoy wearing it in circulation.

Now some detailed pictures. These were all (except the first one) taken without flash and with tripod. So, no glare but rather drab colours. My photography skills are admittedly lacking, and only a bad workman blames his tools, but I know that I need more light. I've experimenting with adjusting for a longer exposure but I don't think it improves anyway with the current lighting.

  • Model: Otron Marquis ES101/ES103.
  • Genre: Dress watch.
  • Movement: ESA 9362 quartz movement.
  • Hours, minutes, seconds, day and date at 3.
  • Push in crown at 3.
  • Lume: None.
  • Water resistance: "Water Resistent"
  • Flat mineral glass crystal front.
  • Stainless steel case, stainless steel case back.
  • Bracelet: Original stainless steel bracelet was rather poor. Replaced with Casio stainless steel strap.
  • Diameter (excluding crown): 36.6mm
  • Diameter (including crown): 37.3mm
  • Height: 10.9mm
  • Lug tip-to-lug tip length: 39.5mm (yes, really, the hooded lugs make it very short)
  • Lug width: 18mm
  • Strap/bracelet attachment: Spring bars.
  • Weight (on bracelet): 74g

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