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Every day knife - the Enzo PK70 G10

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My trusty old Swiss army knife I;ve had since my teens finally gave up so I took the opportunity to replace it with something a bit nicer that I will pass on to my son one day:

Main criteria:

- EDC (Every Day Carry) legal for both UK and Spain (wife is Spanish)
- Discreet blade profile (I find something like the Spyderco too aggressive for everyday use - a lot of people would find it intimidating)
- A handle that will stand up to moisture and robust handling (anticipating usage by the average late teenager here)
- Blade that will hold a decent edge without an obsessive level of sharpening skill
- In the "quality but reasonable" price range of up to 100

So, after a little research and perusal I plumped for this little beauty (not my image)

Deep clip for carrying
CPM S30V steel blade
Nice strong slip mechanism with safety stop at around the around 100 degrees open mark
G10 laminate handle has a lovely warm feel and great patterning
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  1. Scepticalist's Avatar
    After a while with this, I'm very happy with it. So much so I'm wondering if splashing out for better scales might not have been an idea. Maybe I'll move this on and order another!

    Edit: Unfortunately the birch scale version I had in mind is no longer available. Think I've got the best choice until I put aside the time to make my own
    Updated 12th May 2017 at 06:16 by Scepticalist

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