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MartynJC (UK)

Patek back from service!

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Well you won't see this happening much - I just got my 5146J back from Patek Service today after dropping it off in October. It is now extremely shiny and new looking! So far very happy with the results - I'll be wearing a few days to check accuracy - but I will expect only the best.

Patek send their watches back vacuum sealed from the factory and I guess the dedicated collector would leave them sealed in their bank vault. Not me though - I bought it to wear - though I probably knocked off a couple grand off the resale value just by wearing it. I don't care!!

Here is how it arrives - serial# smudged in pic:

Still vacuum packed

The watch back - tantalisingly hidden by a service sticker

just one shot more before I opened the pack

And here it is looking extremely shiny and new

The service was (reassuringly) expensive as it included a new strap, crystal and bits as well on top of the standard service charge listed on the Patek website.

Anyway - thought you'd enjoy seeing this unveiling and I hope to have another 10y of trouble free pleasure from this annual calendar.

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