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MartynJC (UK)

Further BLNR pictures and also SOTC in Jan 2016.

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Well for me there were some movers and some incoming last year. Nothing incoming yet this year but I have some ideas on some changes. I am a little heavy on the Rolex at the moment but I can't help feeling another may be coming along at some point. Then again there are some other great marcs to explore. Anyway. Here is the current line up

The Rolex

SD4000 - BLNR - Air-King-Date -SD 16660

Breitling B-1 SQ; Omega Seamaster 300; Omega X-33 MK-III SkyWalker

Breitling Aerospace Evo Mission Cobra;IWC Pilot Worldtimer

I actually took my camera out to take pictures of the BLNR. Here are some the results:

Well I hope you enjoy these shots. My Patek is in for a well earned service and I hope to have it back next month.

All the best to you folks, new and old members here.

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