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Seiko Monster bracelets compared: "49X8-GC" versus "49X8-GC Z"

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[This is a work in progress. I'll post a notification in this thread,, when I've finished it.]

Oh boy, this really is an article of interest to WISs-only. ;-)

Some time ago I was wondering if there was any difference between the bracelets for the old 7S26 Seiko Monsters (SKX779/SKX781) and the new 4R36 Monsters (SRP307/SRP309/SRP311/SRP313/SRP315) and so I began the thread at in order to find out. It turns out that the new Monster and recent examples of the old Monster use the same version of the bracelet, the "49X8-GC Z", but older Monsters (made prior to roughly 2010) use the "49X8-GC" version of the bracelet.

There was some suspicion raised in the thread that the Z revision of the bracelet was not up to the quality of the earlier pre-Z version and so I decided to source one of each version and compare them side by side. And that comparison is what this blog post is all about. Read on for more.

Before we go on, though, a note on the bracelet reference numbers. The reference number for Monster bracelets is stamped on the underside of the end links and it really does include a dash (-) and a dot (). For the avoidance of doubt, the dash (-) appears between the "49X8" and the "G" and the dot () appears between the "G" and "C". If the bracelet is a Z version then there is a space between the "C" and the "Z". In this article I have been careful to write the bracelet reference numbers exactly as they are stamped on the bracelets themselves.

I have the following Seiko Monsters and will be comparing their bracelets:
(1) Seiko SKX779 (7S26 Black Monster) August 2009 bracelet type??
(2) Seiko SKX779 (7S26 Black Monster) 2011 bracelet type??
(3) Seiko SRP313 (4R36 Black dial Monster with red markers outlines) rubber strap
(3) Seiko SRP??? (4R36 Orange fade dial Monster) bracelet, DLC ???

Updated 30th October 2013 at 06:12 by markrlondon

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  1. markrlondon's Avatar
    One day, one day...

    I hope no one has been holding their breath for this article.

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