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MartynJC (UK)

Omega - 8500 variance - on-wrist - and a question

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Fir the accuracy WIS: Here are results for my PO 8500 consistently +3.1sec/day - consistent with confidence level of .9921 (R2). I am impressed by the consistency which is the mark of a true Chronometer.

So - If this were yours - would you get it regulated to get rid of the +3sec per day to bring it to +0.1sec per day??
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  1. lysanderxiii's Avatar

    The regulation of an 8500, as I recall is by repositioning weights on the balance. This must be done in pairs and the adjustments of the pairs must be equal or the poise is affected.

    Three seconds is not going to be a big change, but a small change in poise will affect the positional stability of the rate. Even a very good watchmaker will not want to mess with it as the chances of throwing it out positionally are greater that lowering the rate to 0.1 s/d....

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