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  1. May 2021

    by , 25th May 2021 at 15:01 (Zelig's Watch History)
    Grand Seiko SBGX335
  2. Segway Ninebot Max G30

    Quote Originally Posted by nick67 View Post
    Collectiion from where?
    Sorry near Potters Bar
  3. Reduced 2014 Rolex Daytona 116520 black chromalight, serviced stickers still attached

    Quote Originally Posted by milwatch126 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by milwatch126 View Post
    That was the Deepsea (2008-9) and not on the Daytona when Chromalight was introduced. Subsequently other sport models like the GMT and Submarner etc. received the blue lume over green super-luminova luminous. With the Daytona at a later date (2014-2015). I think your wires may be crossed. However, I couId be corrected and would love to see a 2009 Chromalight Daytona. Anyone on the forum have one?

    Thanks Mike
    My apologies if Iím incorrect, the 2009 watch definitely has ...
  4. Seiko Captain Willard SPB153J1- Are Discounts Achievable?

    How did you get 20% off ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Speedy2254 View Post
    Thanks for all the tips, I went onto Goldsmiths and got a green Willard at 20% discount plus a buckshee watch roll & free next day delivery.
    Goldsmiths being part of WoS, it'll be good for my purchase history too (I hope).
  5. FS: Apple MacBook Air 13" (2019) 128GB/8GB

    Quote Originally Posted by Lostgear View Post
    Martyn, these seem to be going for about £550 on the bay. Would you accept that?

    Thanks, Adam
    Hi Adam. Thanks - Iíll be in touch by PM.
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