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  1. Polo shirts and Musto jumpers xl and xxl

    Quote Originally Posted by Chabsy View Post
    Boss polo label say XXL, its more like a XL
    Pit to pit 22 collar to hem 31.5
    £25 posted

    I canít see any Musto Jumpers?

    I know I wear glasses but even so.
  2. How much for BMW Mini to change a brake bulb....

    Quote Originally Posted by higham5 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gruntfuttock View Post
    I think those MINIs have a bit of an issue with false alarms. My wifes 2016 MINI One has given blown bulb and low tyre pressure warnings in the past, but nothing wrong with either. It does however cause her to get into a flap first thing in the morning over absolutely nothing. Great start to the day.
    Agreed about great start to the day , I too was getting the phone calls.

    Daughters ( was ours 2012) Mini one D didnt need it to be Christmas to turn on the lights. Even with
  3. Lancaster ED603's last flight

    Quote Originally Posted by dustybottoms View Post
    Those links make for both fascinating, and emotional reading.
    More info here. The four others are lay buried in Workum. Fwiw: I know that town. A very old town with interesting old architecture, a wonderful museum. In all, a very quiet, friendly spot with strong-minded people (in a postive way). In the summer, a lot of 'boaties' come to Workum. It's one of the gateways from the inland waters to the open water of Lake IJsselmeer and ultimately the North Sea.
    In the winter, it's ...
  4. Phoenix nato 20mm grey

    Quote Originally Posted by Onelasttime View Post
    You've either not heard the news, or you have heard the news
    What news
  5. September 2023

    by , 1st November 2023 at 23:14 (Zelig's Watch History)
    Damasko DC66 Si Black
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