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  1. Sending expensive watch to U.S advice required

    Quote Originally Posted by MIKE... View Post
    Many thanks for the advice, I've decided to go with DHL who seem to one of the few main stream companies who you can fully insure with. So fingers crossed all goes smoothly.
    I used DHL 2 weeks ago to send a watch to Finland, it was delivered the next day it’s a great service but expensive.
  2. Friday, 22 February 2019 WRUW?

  3. Donald J Trump, a man with a plan.

    Would I be correct in my interpretation of this Fox News article by saying 'dog whistles'?
  4. Ot - for sale MI I365 electric scooter

    Quote Originally Posted by jeeves1275 View Post
    I've had one of these since November and have done over a hundred miles on it since then. I use it for my commute into London, getting to and from the station at both ends....has saved me 40 minutes a day (though I may end up fat through lack of exercise!)

    They are very easy to ride and maintain and I have had no issues with it; solidly built, well proven and plenty of aftermarket parts and information available. You can even create your own custom firmware to increase speed amongst
  5. BREXITwatch - The Two Years Starts Today

    [i]´Financial firms will shift almost £800bn of assets from the UK to the continent ahead of Brexit on 29 March, according to new analysis.

    EY cautioned that £800bn was a “conservative” estimate warned that more assets could be moved as Brexit draws nearer.´ [/i ]

    Cannot see the EU missing the (largely imaginary) UK net contribution much if at all.
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