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  1. Fs 20mm and 22mm nato leather straps with buckle and FR donations

    So started with 24 and this is whatís remaining for sale thank to everyone so far and donations made to the fundraiser

    2 x 20mm Tan 250mm length
    4 x 20mm brown 250mm length
    2 x 20mm black 250mm length
    0 x 22mm tan 250mm length
    3 x 22mm brown 250mm length
    1 x 22mm black 250mm length
  2. Eat Out To Help Out - Anyone Doing It?

    Quote Originally Posted by kevkojak View Post
    We went out last Wednesday and sacked off "takeaway friday", it was great. Local indian, great restaurant but its usually fairly quiet except for saturday nights.
    We expected it to be fairly slow but at 5.30pm it was busy, and when we left just before 7 there wasnt a spare seat to be had in the restaurant or waiting room.
    Fair play to the government, they promised to help the hospitality trade and they have given it an enormous push with this scheme.
  3. G-Shock Discounts

    I have a 30% code if anyone needs one
  4. FS: Rolex Daytona 16520 - Patrizzi dial

    Quote Originally Posted by oldoakknives View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DWK View Post
    After reading that, I wouldnít be comfortable buying from the seller, but regardless I would rather blow yet more money on cars than invest £25k in a watch. The Rolex world has me baffled.[emoji17]
    Rolex watches in general are very popular and liked by a lot of people. And some, like the Daytona are even more popular. What is it exactly that has you baffled?

    We all known this isnít going to sell here. So, go to a dealer take 10 less and the end. ...
  5. Breitling Aerospace E79362 Copper faced

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave O'Sullivan View Post
    Your second image is on Google Images as an old eBay advert photo.
    Given whatís going on recently, it might be worth posting a more recent photo. Perhaps with todayís date?

    Lovely watch by the way, never seen one with that dial before (hence the google search!)

    Also, the receipt says Cheltenham. Which as far as Iím aware, isnít in the US...
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