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  1. Wadrobe clear out

    Iíll have the Hackett soft shell parka, pm sent

    [Q b UOTE=R0bertb00th;5691325]Jeans

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/QUOTE]
  2. October 2020

    by , 15th February 2021 at 22:55 (Zelig's Watch History)
    Rolex OysterQuartz 17000
  3. Mercedes eCall recall

    Quote Originally Posted by thieuster View Post
    Lot of Mercedes drivers here. Interesting news:
    I wonder what happened, my car is on the list
  4. Recommend me a bottle of red (please).

    Quote Originally Posted by demonloop View Post
    19 Crimes reds are fantastic for the money. In Asda
  5. Cold water swimming - do you take part?

    Quote Originally Posted by JonRA View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by MakeColdplayHistory View Post
    I don't - I'd rather eat my own knees - but Mrs MCH has been doing it for a few years now. Not in the sea though as we live too far away. It's local lakes, pools etc and some local rivers with 'plunge pools'. She works on the basis of a minute per deg Celsius at this time of year. When it gets warmer again and she can put more time and distance in she's training for Coniston and/or Derwent swims.
    Wow - those will be seriously demanding swims. Time to chew down on your knees and keep
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