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  1. Review Seiko Sumo on Anvil bracelet

    [QUOTE=oymd;2598907]nice review...and nice watch...enjoy it!![/QUOTE]

    Great review. What about the time keeping?
  2. New Incoming - Come On In And Explore.........

    So having freed up some funds in a failed pursuit of a grail watch recently, I knew instantly what my next watch would be and having listed a WTB for one of these for what seems like ages I finally managed to snag one. Lots have been said of these, and Iím not going to pretend to be adding anything that hasnít been covered before but having now spent a week with my Explorer II I thought I would add my opinion.

    So, most of you will be familiar with the updates but for those that arenít ...
  3. Incoming - being this boring and predictable never felt so good

    Looks great. I can't manage without the date but they do look better without.
  4. Playing with Gimp - Explorer 214270 Lume

  5. Beginners Gimp! - Opening, layers and using the repair tool to remove dust...

    by , 18th December 2012 at 15:38 (Watches I own or have owned...)
    For reference, this is the original photo:

    Opening an image in Gimp and creating a layer for editing.

    Once you have downloaded Gimp, open it and drag in the photo you wish to edit. This creates a ‘layer’ within Gimp comprising the photo. The ‘Layers’ dialogue box is found on the right of the screen and is selected using the appropriate tab at the top.

    A little on layers ...

    Updated 18th December 2012 at 15:42 by AIDM

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    Newcomers experiments with Gimp for watch photos!
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