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  1. Friday, 22 February 2019 WRUW?

  2. Donald J Trump, a man with a plan.

    Would I be correct in my interpretation of this Fox News article by saying 'dog whistles'?
  3. Ot - for sale MI I365 electric scooter

    Quote Originally Posted by jeeves1275 View Post
    I've had one of these since November and have done over a hundred miles on it since then. I use it for my commute into London, getting to and from the station at both ends....has saved me 40 minutes a day (though I may end up fat through lack of exercise!)

    They are very easy to ride and maintain and I have had no issues with it; solidly built, well proven and plenty of aftermarket parts and information available. You can even create your own custom firmware to increase speed amongst
  4. BREXITwatch - The Two Years Starts Today

    [i]´Financial firms will shift almost £800bn of assets from the UK to the continent ahead of Brexit on 29 March, according to new analysis.

    EY cautioned that £800bn was a “conservative” estimate warned that more assets could be moved as Brexit draws nearer.´ [/i ]

    Cannot see the EU missing the (largely imaginary) UK net contribution much if at all.
  5. Oakley sunglasses help - where to send for service.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_in_the_UK View Post
    E-mail Oakley customer service, they are pretty good.
    Cheers guys
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