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  1. The " Show us your damaged Rolex" thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny View Post
    Did you get away with just the crystal?

    Nope full service required.

  2. Kermit 50th Anniversary - What's it worth?

    Quote Originally Posted by uktotty View Post
    Not sure if I am allowed to post here about values, but there has been lots of talk this week about prices dropping, Rolex dropping, end of production etc.
    My friend has a Kermit 2004 which is a full set and in great condition, he wants a Batman and wondered what the value of this 16610LV.

    If this should be in SC or if it's not allowed please shout, Don't wanna upset anyone.


    Depending on condition, Iíd say heíll be around ...
  3. 1962 vintage Submariner 5512 Gilt PCG pick up.........

    Quote Originally Posted by bobdog View Post
    Yep, itís got to be pushing 30k, the only worry would be if itís radium!
    Iím betting the original owner got his pants pulled royally down by the AD!!
  4. FS (UK/EU): Rolex Submariner 116613LB - Bluesie

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_X View Post
    Ok, last price reduction to £9400 or best nearest offer...I have been offered close to that by 3 separate dealers now
    Would love to know who is offering near that on the watch dealer wise. My friend is selling his as he needs the money and he is being offered 6k max, nobody wants any stock.
  5. Hell's Club - the best 10 mins on Youtube? (one for movie fans)

    Quote Originally Posted by GraniteQuarry View Post
    Pretty sure this was posted here a couple years ago but worth a revisit in these lockdown days.

    IMO one of the best videos on YouTube, a Herculean effort by its maker!

    Epic, thanks for posting. Carlitoís Way was on last night, what a great movie.
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