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  1. Ed White Speedmaster - a history of the watch, the man and the mission... Part One

    by , 8th September 2013 at 21:51 (Watches I own or have owned...)
    The saddest day of my life...

    There are watches that become intrinsically linked with the people that wore them, some real people, some fictional characters... ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona, ‘Steve McQueen’ Explorer, Seiko ‘Arnie’ or the ‘Capt Willard’ 6105 to name but a few. Then there are the watches that are linked to the activity they are associated with – most famously of course being the ...
  2. New Incoming: "Come in 15300, your time is up......"

    I've had an AP itch to scratch for a while now, having been a keen admirer of this style of watch for quite some time however a combination of lack of watch box space and not being able to find one at the right price and the right condition meant a fairly long wait to realise a desire. Fast forward 6+ months, endless hours scouring the net, visiting shops and bumping WTB's I had almost given up hope....then out of the blue one pops up briefly on SC ticking all the boxes and of course I miss it by ...
  3. Best Tablet for e-Reading?

    Quote Originally Posted by ac82 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alexandr0s View Post
    So, have we reached the point where a tablet can replace a dedicated e-book reader? That's very interesting, an it's making me reconsider things....

    Not a chance in my opinion, I have the original kindle with 3g and keyboard and a nexus 7 with the kindle app and all books available on cloud etc.

    I can't stand to read on the nexus and do all of my reading on the kindle.

    At night I just use the cover with the light I bought which is
  4. FS: Airsoft Rifle/Gun M4 NOW SOLD

    Quote Originally Posted by Soggeynuggets View Post
    Yes, it is to scale, it is an exact replica, as I have stated, I do not know a lot about airsoft, I bought it of an enthusiast at my work, I intended on going with him and a group he he goes with but never got round to it, I know it is a good one as my work colleague only sold this to me as he upgraded, the make is a DBOYS M4, Model BI-3881, here is a link....

    Quote Originally Posted by afcneal View Post
    And an idea of scale might help - i.e is it 'real life size'?
  5. Omega Seamaster 300 CK 14755 on Timefactors Sand Canvass

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