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  1. Today's watch: Orient M-Force CEX04001H0 Red Beast

    It's a beast, a Red Beast! Specifically it's an Orient M-Force Red Beast CEX04001H0. This watch is something of an acquired taste, I think. Clearly I acquired it.

    This model has been discontinued for some time -- I'm not sure how long exactly but several years. It was finally replaced in 2012 by the new Orient 'Beast', references SEL06001H (burgundy red dial), SEL06001D (blue dial), and SEL06001B ...

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  2. Today's watch: Vintage Uno sub-seconds

    Today we have a 1960s Uno with a seconds subial. This Swiss Made watch has a gold plated (or at least gold colour) case and a rather lovely patinated dial. The dial looks to have originally had a silvery/creamy colour and has aged with what looks like a pale gold-like sheen which complements the case and gold colour numerals/hour markers. The hands too are a gold colour but they have rusted a little, although ...

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  3. Today's watch: Otron Marquis ES101/ES103

    An Otron what? It's a quartz watch which my father bought in America for $99.99. The design of the watch is strongly 1980s but I'm not sure when my father bought it: It could have been anywhere from the 1980s to the early 1990s.

    A quick aside about the pictures above: As you can see, one is with flash and one is without (using ...

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  4. Yesterday's watch: Seiko Spirit SCVS003 6R15-00A0 (again)

    Yup, the same watch again. Sorry... I usually do change my watch every day but sometimes, y'know, I like a watch so much I wear it for three days in a row. ;-)
  5. Today's watch: Seiko Spirit SCVS003 6R15-00A0

    What, how boring is this? You waited all this time for me to upload something worth reading here and I wore the same watch two days in a row. Yup, sometimes I do that. Sorry for the disappointment. I'm sure I'll wear something different tomorrow.

    Link to yesterday's blog:

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