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  1. Watch Alert: Grand Seiko SBGP017G – “Sea of clouds”

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
    I wonder if the popularity of this watch might signal a turning point for GS? Maybe there will be waiting lists for Snowflakes not Submariners one day?
    Not crazy thinking. Each year they are getting stronger, those US specials sold out crazy quick. A lot of people have that other brand fatigue.
  2. The unified Rolex in the window thread

    I turned down a blue dial 126234 datejust with blue dial yesterday.

    I had since bought one in black and was too similar to justify the costs.
  3. Buying a cat S car ?

    Quote Originally Posted by lenlec View Post
    Hi all. Went to view a Peugeot 208 2019 this morning for my son. it’s a cat s. The seller said it was front end damage.
    Would you buy a cat s ? Is there anyway of finding out what the damage was ? He wants £7000. They go for around £11000 non cat s
    If they were any good they wouldn’t be 35% cheaper

    Most new drivers have an accident within the first 12 months- hopefully they are mostly minor.

    You really want to risk your son’s security ...
  4. Electric cars-got to be a viable option now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Man of Kent View Post
    I'm having just a supply cable installed. Consumer unit is under the stairs, cable to go under the hallway floor up into the porch then into an adjacent store. It's in readiness for fitting a charger in the future as not sure yet what I'll need. Work includes adding an additional fuse enclosure and splitting the supply with a Kenley block. Terminating in some kind of junction box. £500. Reckon better to do it now than in a year or two when the same work will be double. The electrician has to fit
  5. Premier League 2021-22

    Unlucky Rangers

    Shocking penalty from Ramsay. All the others superb
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