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  2. More bike related stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gyp View Post
    Ian passed away yesterday morning.

    I don't think I'll go to work today. I think I'll go out on my bike instead.
    Oh man this is such a crappy thing to happen

    I canít believe that this situation is almost word for word what happened with a chap I was talking to at the Rhug estate yesterday.

    I admired his new GS1250, and he came over for a chat, his name was Mike, and he and his best mate had bought a GS each to do the IOM,
  3. OTFS iPhone 7 32GB

    Quote Originally Posted by macdaddymac View Post
    Hi Any pics?

    Sent from my Redmi Note 8 Pro using Tapatalk
    Here you go. Itís pretty much as new and comes boxed.

  4. October 2020

    by , 6th November 2020 at 11:20 (Zelig's Watch History)
    Rolex Oysterquartz 17000
  5. SOLD OTFS Dyson SuperSonic hairdryer Copper NEW

    Anyone not having one can you let me know please

    Quote Originally Posted by Anygreg View Post
    SOLD OTFS Dyson Supersonic HairdryerExclusive Gift edition Copper Brand Nee Sealed box . XMAS gift idea?

    Calling all those with hair! Which excludes me lol

    Putting these up for sale, misses received these as a gift, but already has lots of other Dyson kit and GHD trinkets for her hair, so this set are surplus to requirements.
    She has stated that they are incredible, (she has another
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