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  1. Breitling Aerospace E79362 Copper faced

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave O'Sullivan View Post
    Your second image is on Google Images as an old eBay advert photo.
    Given whatís going on recently, it might be worth posting a more recent photo. Perhaps with todayís date?

    Lovely watch by the way, never seen one with that dial before (hence the google search!)

    Also, the receipt says Cheltenham. Which as far as Iím aware, isnít in the US...
  2. Premier League 19/20

    Quote Originally Posted by sprite1275 View Post
    The pool are nearly there ......
    They are there we beat City 2-1 i am more happy with the three points but you guys deserved it
  3. OHPF OT FS: Adidas Ultraboost Supernova running shoes

    Quote Originally Posted by FazerBoy View Post
    Ok, Iíll take them.

    Please PM me payment details etc.


    Have these been sold to me or somebody else? If to me Iíve received no payment details via PM...
  4. Time ten watch co

    Quote Originally Posted by SydR View Post
    Not used them but a few on their watches showed up in searches I did when looking to buy.

    Personally, I got put off with loads of preowned watches listed with only a single image which looked awfully like stock images.
    Thanks , noticed that myself but asked for more info on a watch and got 10 more pictures straight away.
  5., has anyone actually managed to get a refund from them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peck View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bwest76 View Post
    Often even if you get through they will just put the phone down if they cant be bothered.

    They owe me for some shocking squat type accommodation from 2 months ago,they said it was my fault I should have gone by the star rating.

    Food poisoning in one place, when I read deeper into the reviews it said how bad it was,they where aware but still let them trade.
    What has any of that got to do with the OPís question? has absolutely nothing to do with
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