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  1. iPhone X - 256 gb

    Quote Originally Posted by NickF View Post
    New insurance replacement handset .

    iPhone X 256 gb.

    Unmarked / Unlocked and comes with screen protector and silicone case.

    After £400. Inc DPD delivery..

    Pics found below.

    Yes please!! PM sent
  2. The Draft Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Onelasttime View Post
    I wonder if I should declare an interest in wanking on my CV
    It's a bit solitary.

    Suggest you sell yourself a bit. Maybe:

    'Works well by himself and also within a group. Competitive but doesn't need to come first every time'.
  3. That Tesla truck....

    Quote Originally Posted by jaytip View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Raffe View Post
    It would just crush you, so all good.
    So no different or worse than something like this that is already available then [emoji848]

    That's how an American kid would draw a truck (and I like it). Boxy, sturdy, big wheels. Aerodynamics of a 22ft container. Big V8. Great.
  4. Men's Chronograph up to £2k - recomendations please

    Quote Originally Posted by jameswrx View Post
    If he’s into the look... I think the nicest looking new chronograph you can buy at the moment for the money is the Longines ‘big eye’

    Some lovely pics here
    Great shout .. beautiful watch
  5. Peli Micro Cases - Job Lot

    Quote Originally Posted by Raffe View Post
    Good to see these went to a true collector.
    Adding Jaysagood to Ze list.
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