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  1. Rolex pre owned certified program

    Quote Originally Posted by Slamdoor View Post
    Sounds good! That with a new factory coming along to increase production and the general market slump should mean reduced prices and people who want watches can get them…. Imagine that. Well done to Rolex. Let’s see where we are in the next 3-5 years.
  2. FS: A very knackered 2010 Renault Megane

    Quote Originally Posted by Filterlab View Post
    Ok, I have to put a price here to satisfy the rules, so let's say £10,000.

    Alternatively you can place a bid on my £1, no reserve, auction...

    Great honest advert
  3. Russia v Ukraine

    On Twitter (Dmitiri / Wartranslated):

    Just as the Western observers finally got the hang of Ukrainian place names, Polish villages entered the chat.
  4. Drilled lugs … why so rare?

    More cost, drilling and finishing etc.

    QUOTE=Montello;6094452]All of my regular (4) wearers would likely be described as “tool” watches … but only 1 of the 4 has drilled lugs.

    I change the bracelets/ straps around a bit so I’m quite quick to do it but drilled lugs are so much easier and they look more utilitarian… yet most modern tool watches don’t have drilled lugs … why?[/QUOTE]
  5. Fundraiser flagging

    Quote Originally Posted by TaketheCannoli View Post
    He's talking about selling on SC not being attractive and therefore donations as a % of sales will fall.

    Quote Originally Posted by Estoril-5 View Post
    Genuine question - why is that? A donation is just that, no?
    ^^^ this ^^^ It works both ways. Buying watches is not so interesting anymore. Tax related. Buying watches is the same; again tax related. In the past, I often discussed about a donation to the Fundraiser. Like: "I will lower the asking price when you donate xxx into the Fundraiser!" Or: "Let's ...
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