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  1. Is the Daytona too much to buy now Ö??

    Quote Originally Posted by 744ER View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by learningtofly View Post
    It really isn't.
    We have 3 in stock afaik. They sell now and then but no lists etc... guess it varies by market then. Shop around would be prudent at least, you can go 3 laps around the world for the £60k price difference.
    Which dealer?

    You sure you got the right Daytona? Platonas are prob as in demand as a Nautilus at the mo!
  2. FS Heuer 840.006 Super Professional 1000 METERS

    A fantastic watch for everyday wear. I have a few and I sent one to Tag for a bezel and the lad ordered the last 2 from Switzerland so once the last one has gone I reckon these will command a premium for the bezel alone even in damaged form
  3. TV Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by wileeeeeey View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by blackal View Post
    Unless he has extended warranty - he is outside the 2yrs (just)
    Good consumer law guide here. On Apple's website but not limited to them.
    I use Samsung via John Lewis. No complaints in either regard.
  4. Pressure to weight help...

    Quote Originally Posted by Chukas View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Saint-Just View Post
    metric ton is not a unit of pressure so you cannot convert
    I guess you mean tonne per square metre. in which case your answer is 4180.83647320939
    This is what i had, so is there no way off converting the tonne per square metre to just a weight?

    Thanks Brian.
    Surely tonne per m3 not m2?
  5. FS: Seiko Prospex Gold Solar Tuna SNE498P1

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