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  1. New Incoming - "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

    It's been a while coming, and i've been on the hunt for one for a while now so when i chanced across one at a reasonable price it was pretty much a no brainer - the trigger was suitably pulled and here we are. There's not alot i can say about the "Hulk" that hasn't already been said but i'm absolutely bowled over by it, the dial is in a different league with the way it changes colour and the glidelock bracelet is a joy to behold. Comfy as hell, looks great, very very pleased.
  2. Just Married & New Wedding Day Watch

    So i got hitched almost 3 weeks ago now - a beautiful day, loved every second of it, and the weather was splendid (you wouldn't imagine it now looking out the window). As part of the build up to the day my now wife, knowing how much i like watches, offered to buy me one as a wedding gift. Great, what to buy.......well i have a thing for Rolex watches so it was an easy decision. Having had an urge to buy a Datejust for some time i just didn't quite get on with the size which is just a touch on the ...
  3. Custom Speedy Mod - My Journey (Pic Heavy)

    So having owned my Speedmaster Pro for the last 6 months i decided pretty early on that I would go down the custom mod route. There are many that have gone before me and lots of examples dotted all round the net so there was plenty of opportunity to research, but the main thing I decided early on was that I wanted to create my very own configuration, one that was completely unique and individual to me.

    So before we go on any further, if you are a purist i'd probably suggest you look ...
  4. A wintery wet walk on the Mendips... good excuse for a bit of Exploring :)

    by , 2nd December 2012 at 23:02 (Watches I own or have owned...)
    When you have dogs, especially Springers, walks are compulsory. Sometimes in fact, when its a particularly grotty day, its only the mad Springer spaniels and their owners that you see out!

    Today was not too bad, overcast, cold and with a light drizzle just enough to warrant waterproof trousers. I had been meaning to get some outdoors shots of the Explorer 214270 for a while and had been waiting for some sunshine over the weekend. But having reached Sunday afternoon with no sign of it, ...

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  5. Smiths Everest

    by , 2nd December 2012 at 18:11 (Watches I own or have owned...)
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