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  1. There are limited editions and then there are limited editions

    Cheers Eddie
  2. The random disclosure thread.

    [QUOTE=markrlondon;3418630]I reckon most blog entries on here are the result of people clicking 'Blog this Post' by accident and not noticing. ;-)[/QUOTE]
  3. 4000 arrival

    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJC (UK) View Post
    I have given in and now have a Sea Dweller 4000 (Basel 2014) version. So now have three divers from Rolex. I'll try and do an in-depth comparison with my 16660 by in the meantime here are some comparison pictures:

    SDc4000 vs SubNDc

    and here

    SDc4000 vz SD16660

  4. FT Helson Sharkdiver 42mm ETA

    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
    Lume shot....

  5. New Incoming: Wait, what, the back is on the front....? GO content

    Well its always a good time when a new addition arrives but for some reason i've been more excited, and more impressed with this latest one than all the others i've had. A new addition which i'm sure is going to divide opinion, some will love it, some will hate it, and that's totally fine with me. Why, well quite simply its a bit different. Marmite even, but you know what, its certainly a conversational piece. Ladies and gentlemen i present you with the Glashutte Original PanoInverse XL. This is ...
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