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  1. Rolex SS bracelet adjustment

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    Hollow screwdriver, if the link seems it will not budge warm it with hairdryer or do it anyway before you mangle it, the links are secured with red loctite (I think thats the right color?) so buy some loctite too to resecure the links so the screw wont loosen over time.
    I think my wife has a hair dryer!
    I generally dip the bracelet in some hot water from the kettle only need 30 secs or so. Let the bracelet cool down and while still warm adjust the screws. Not mangled any since ...
  2. Rolex Submariner 14060 Tritium, T serial 1996 - Collectors Set

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr noble View Post
    Donít come much better than that. Lovely.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wallasey Runner View Post
    Lovely watch and a great set. As you say, it will be difficult to find anything as good. Wait until the madness passes, get it serviced and keep it
    Thanks, It is a lovely set and I haven't seen a better one, I'm sure in 12/18 months I would be kicking myself for selling it, but now I have the 16600 Sea Dweller the Sub would probably remain in the safe as they are very similar, saying that the 14060 almost feels like
  3. March 2020

    by , 26th March 2020 at 18:16 (Zelig's Watch History)

    Updated 26th March 2020 at 18:25 by zelig

  4. The business of the virus

    Thatís a shame youíve quoted him, I have to read what heís put.
    Heís the only member Iíve blocked.

    Riley, I do agree with you somewhat, at least weíve paid towards it rather than try and find the lot in one go.
    Still painful mind....

    Quote Originally Posted by Riley View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Raffe View Post

    In simple terms, it's the same as receiving a monthly salary and having to pay taxes on that month by month rather than having the opportunity of paying it at the beginning of next year.
  5. Ruislip GTG

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebird84 View Post
    Haha, that looks like great fun!

    Yes it did, smaller numbers but hopefully looking to make it more a regular thing as and when we can in the future 
    Sorry! Forget about this thread, life has taken somewhat of a turn since then!

    As Bluebird said, smaller than expected due to a couple of people self isolating but a good time. Hour or so in Bedfords, then a couple of drinks followed by a meal. Wonít be saying that sentence again for a while :(
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