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  1. Haveston and watch steward straps

    Quote Originally Posted by Stilgoe1972 View Post
    Iíll take the steward if still going please.

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    Steward sold,thank you.
  2. On my way home.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skier View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by shoppy View Post
    Indeed it is a c17 aircraft very good recognition skills. My children's Fatherís day gift so a special watch for me.
    Wow! You've clearly done a great job of raising your children i.e. they truly love you, when they buy you a gift like that. I don't see that watch appearing on SC.........ever!
    Two things- firstly, glad youíre home safely.
    Secondly - can I borrow your kids for next Fatherís Day? I got socks.
  3. Social media and complaints

    Quote Originally Posted by CardShark View Post
    Bit insulting when it takes a social media post to kick things up a gear[...]
    Quote Originally Posted by Mj2k View Post
    I do despair of companies only responding after a review[...]
    I call this the ...
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  4. September 2021

    by , 10th September 2021 at 08:21 (Zelig's Watch History)
    Smiths Caribbean 1000 - PRS-55

  5. Louis Vuitton Menís Graphite Canvas Bracelet

    Unfortunately this was a touch too small for the buyer, so back for sale at £105 posted, and measuring around 16.5cm on the inside edge.
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