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  1. Oops. Wrong place

    Quote Originally Posted by Bry1975 View Post
    Hi Blackie,

    Carefully measure the o ring thickness then measure across the bezel o ring groove.

    Oops sorry wrong place.
  2. Rolex Day-Date - which one to buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Haywood_Milton View Post
    I've been reflecting on my advice above and wish to widen the target.

    Everything I wrote still applies, but I would suggest that the OP looks at either :

    (a) a late 18238 with as good a President 83858 bracelet on it as he can find (as I had first recommended) or

    (b) a 118238, which must have the later 83208 bracelet fitted to be worth the premium which this will attract over (a).

    Both models use the same 3155 calibre movement with double quick-set
  3. Panerai appreciation thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Andyp1973 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by strell View Post
    If this is right one, might make this a good price then!
    Thatís the right one. Is it definitely in the Uk? I canít work it out because it suggests a German mobile number.

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    It is nice haha,

    Well it says UK dealer so I would say yes. It could be from some like watchbox ...
  4. SOLD: IWC Aquatimer Galapagos Chronograph - IW376705

    As you should. Itís a beautyÖ
    Quote Originally Posted by SIB View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by deanlad View Post
    Holy thread resurrection....
    Is the purchaser of this still sitting on this, or thinking of moving on...?
    Not yet, it's an absolute cracker of a watch but I'll keep you in mind if I do decide to let it go
  5. Aerospace Battery Replacement

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