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  1. Omega x Swatch

    Quote Originally Posted by VoleBoy View Post
    But my point is, there are already loads of things that pop in and out of sale online. It's how a lot of releases, especially record releases work. People take their chances. People can complain online, but they always do.

    Online would remove the actual in person stuff that seems to be happening. You say it's at arm's length. But for the poor fuckers working in the shops, it's very real.
    Well guess thats the other cockup. Swatch should never of told people they would ...
  2. Premier League 2021-22

    Unlucky Rangers

    Shocking penalty from Ramsay. All the others superb
  3. Afghanistan - ???

    Quote Originally Posted by unclealec View Post
    It is a lost cause, and the ripples will spread very wide.
    You kind of get the impression majority are happy to let them in and get the foreigners out
  4. Is the Daytona too much to buy now ??

    Quote Originally Posted by 744ER View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by learningtofly View Post
    It really isn't.
    We have 3 in stock afaik. They sell now and then but no lists etc... guess it varies by market then. Shop around would be prudent at least, you can go 3 laps around the world for the 60k price difference.
    Which dealer?

    You sure you got the right Daytona? Platonas are prob as in demand as a Nautilus at the mo!
  5. 124060 price

    Quote Originally Posted by Stonewood View Post
    Dealers want at least 10k for them. If you can grab that for 9k Id say that was cheap......especially with a potential price increase looming.

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    Wish I could find for 9k. Would buy it for sure - regret selling 114060 but this looks much better!!!
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