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mart broad

  1. Premier League 19/20

    Quote Originally Posted by sprite1275 View Post
    The pool are nearly there ......
    They are there we beat City 2-1 i am more happy with the three points but you guys deserved it
  2. Brexit - time to start giving it some thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wooster View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Seamaster73 View Post
    My violin was worn out long before I was.
    Do you still consider yourselves good people? I really am curious. Here's a guy honestly telling his very personal sadness, and this is the best you come up with? Aren't you ashamed? At all?
  3. FS- Panerai 00250 Daylight-Reduced

    No make it 4100.00 if you want it make it the right price or go to the Internet wonder boys
  4. FS: Tag Heuer Aquaracer day date WAF2010

    Quote Originally Posted by oblivion View Post
    Still here
    You know what I have an Aqua racer Chrono as my holiday watch and the build quality is superb in particular the bracelet these are a very underrated watch

  5. FSOT Rolex 5513 Submariner. reduced

    Quote Originally Posted by mart broad View Post
    Bump a few trade offers, thanks but nothing beats an extra few quid in the Bank especially as I have an itch I want to scratch and no its not below the waist.
    The itch is a Rolex GMT-BLNR

    Oh in the spirit of the bump a reduction to 4400.00
    Seen something else so now 4200.0"

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