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  1. How much for BMW Mini to change a brake bulb....

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    I think those MINIs have a bit of an issue with false alarms. My wifes 2016 MINI One has given blown bulb and low tyre pressure warnings in the past, but nothing wrong with either. It does however cause her to get into a flap first thing in the morning over absolutely nothing. Great start to the day.
    Agreed about great start to the day , I too was getting the phone calls.

    Daughters ( was ours 2012) Mini one D didnt need it to be Christmas to turn on the lights. Even with
  2. Lancaster ED603's last flight

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    Those links make for both fascinating, and emotional reading.
    More info here. The four others are lay buried in Workum. Fwiw: I know that town. A very old town with interesting old architecture, a wonderful museum. In all, a very quiet, friendly spot with strong-minded people (in a postive way). In the summer, a lot of 'boaties' come to Workum. It's one of the gateways from the inland waters to the open water of Lake IJsselmeer and ultimately the North Sea.
    In the winter, it's ...
  3. F1 2023

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    Disagree, racing incident. George squeezed Lewis on the run to turn 1, Lewis returned the favour in the corner. 50:50. Really dislike George’s politicking though, funny how he fights his teammate harder than anyone else…
    He was way behind after lap 1 and ends 4th. He fought hard today - in the heat of Quatar. Piastri is the one to keep an eye on.
  4. 2022 World Cup, anyone interested?

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    Argentina deserved that after the rather petulant kick into the Dutch dugout.

    Love it!

    And that terrible foul (and the aftermath) was very lucky to not result with a red card.
    Only when Van Gaal went for ‘plan B’ things became better. I just read that the ref isn’t on the pitch during Barcelona’s matches. He has more than a reputation to be anti-Barca.
  5. Russia v Ukraine

    On Twitter (Dmitiri / Wartranslated):

    Just as the Western observers finally got the hang of Ukrainian place names, Polish villages entered the chat.
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