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  1. OHPF OT FS: Adidas Ultraboost Supernova running shoes

    Quote Originally Posted by FazerBoy View Post
    Ok, Iíll take them.

    Please PM me payment details etc.


    Have these been sold to me or somebody else? If to me Iíve received no payment details via PM...
  2. Advice on disposing of a large and significant stamp collection

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFlyingBanana View Post
    I have recently inherited a large collection - approximately 50-60 albums. The albums are all in excellent condition, and fall into two categories - UK 1840 through to the late 1990's, and then international covering from very early to around 1990's. None of this collection has ever been on the open market.

    The bulk of the collection was put together in the late 1950's and 1960s, and there are, I believe, quite a large number of quite high value stamps ranging from unused penny blacks,

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