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  1. Social media and complaints

    Quote Originally Posted by CardShark View Post
    Bit insulting when it takes a social media post to kick things up a gear[...]
    Quote Originally Posted by Mj2k View Post
    I do despair of companies only responding after a review[...]
    I call this the ...
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  2. EU-UK cultural incompatibilities

    Quote Originally Posted by Deckard81 View Post
    What is this incompatibility you speak of?
    You'll find my reply to the question above in the blog post below.

    The question above is in reply to my comment here, where I say the following. I have marked the key comment in bold:
    Quote Originally Posted by Summers dad View Post
    I'm sure I'm not the only one worrying, it seems crazy that we are all making a massive decision and nobody seems to have any idea what's going to happen.
    Indeed, I agree. Bear in mind, however, that remaining

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    MarkR's Blog , Miscellaneous

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