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  1. 4000 arrival

    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJC (UK) View Post
    I have given in and now have a Sea Dweller 4000 (Basel 2014) version. So now have three divers from Rolex. I'll try and do an in-depth comparison with my 16660 by in the meantime here are some comparison pictures:

    SDc4000 vs SubNDc

    and here

    SDc4000 vz SD16660

  2. Omega - 8500 variance - on-wrist - and a question

    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJC (UK) View Post
    Fir the accuracy WIS: Here are results for my PO 8500 consistently +3.1sec/day - consistent with confidence level of .9921 (R2). I am impressed by the consistency which is the mark of a true Chronometer.

    So - If this were yours - would you get it regulated to get rid of the +3sec per day to bring it to +0.1sec per day??
  3. Newest Aquisition

  4. MartynJC (UK) - Hero

    Quote Originally Posted by Omegamanic View Post
    Just received a very very nice Submariner from MartynJC.

    Loving the watch and it was a very pleasant and easy transaction - one of the good guys and an unexpected purchase made easy.

    Many thanks.

  5. MartynJC (UK) - GREAT BUYER

    Quote Originally Posted by GraniteQuarry View Post
    Just sold a tasty 16660 Sea-Dweller to Martyn.

    Clear comms, fast decision, immediate payment - put simply, a nice straightforward deal.

    100% recommended to all :D
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