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MartynJC (UK)

  1. Defy 21 >>>

  2. Speedmaster bracelet issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe.d View Post
    If you have the current bracelet (which uses screws to join the links, rather than pins and collars) then you can order these parts to fit a micro-adjustable clasp:

    End links 118ST1589 x 2
    Clasp 117STZ001154

    I bought these from the Omega Boutique on Regent St and I love them, they made a huge difference to the comfort of the bracelet fit for me.

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  3. Repost - Omega X33 battery change pictorial

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_in_the_UK View Post
    Found these when I was looking for some other pic's - thought it might be worth a repost since is was a while ago

    Cost? - The price of a battery (£3).

    For those brave enough to change the battery on their X33 - it's really simple :)

    Here we have our X33 which is in need of a battery change.:mad:

    The case back has a number of small screws around the outside
  4. B-1 Battery change and set up

    Quote Originally Posted by marcus fenix View Post
    The B1/Airwolf is a very easy watch to change the battery on due to the large size of the battery and lack of any complicated securing mechanism on the battery. But if you're going to do it yourself be 100% sure of your abilities because a new module is nearly £800.

    What you will need (I also use a case holder for this type of work):

    Caseback opener needs to be the right size for the B1, that
  5. SOTC for September 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJC (UK) View Post
    Inspired by another thread.... It is about time for another SOTC (Sept 2015) from me.

    Patek 5146/J, 2006 This will never leave my collection as it was bought in memory of my mother. Also the functions mean when I reach the end of my days Iíll still know what day, date and even month it is.

    Rolex Air-King-Date, 1978. My Dadís old watch so again not going anywhere.
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