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  1. High end Bluetooth Speaker bargain heads up

    I still really like mine and the sound quality for TV and phone / ipad is fantastic!

    My only moan is that the remote thing has now stopped pairing with the speaker so I have to use the app on my phone.

    Not the end of the World but Samsung wanted me to bring it all into the nearest Samsung Repair place which sadly is nowhere near me.

    If I get any more issues then I will do but at the moment I can get by as is.


    Ben ...
  2. ESTA for travel to the USA - cautionary note.


    Speak with your credit card company they can monitor any suspicious activity on your account. Might be a wise precaution.



    Quote Originally Posted by kungfupanda View Post
    The website for Vietnamese visas is that dodgy that you think it's a scam one when in fact it's the legitimate one!

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