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  1. Blnr jubilee question.

    Got and expression of interest at the local AD, spent a fair bit with them these past couple of years so fingers crossed.

    Jubilee bracelets look great and all of my cars have been blue so itís a win/win from me.
  2. Sending expensive watch to U.S advice required

    Quote Originally Posted by MIKE... View Post
    Many thanks for the advice, I've decided to go with DHL who seem to one of the few main stream companies who you can fully insure with. So fingers crossed all goes smoothly.
    I used DHL 2 weeks ago to send a watch to Finland, it was delivered the next day itís a great service but expensive.
  3. Advice on rolex gmt master 11 116710LN 2011 please

    Quote Originally Posted by paul staines View Post
    Hi I hAve seen this watch on chrono 24. Asking price £5550.00. It has box and papers and is described as little to no signs of wear.
    It is from a shop called finding time. Is there anything else I need to be asking before pressing the buy it now button. I have no real
    Knowledge of Rolex watches and have never owned one. Any help will be much appreciated.
    Many thanks Paul Staines.

    Has it got a full bracelet? Service history?

    Owned 2-3 ...
  4. The Draft Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by -Ally- View Post
    First it was the sense of humour. Then the toys.
  5. The Draft Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by itsgotournameonit View Post
    Looks like we have another watch repair expert touting for buisness on the forum.Does he realise there is not enough work to go round.

    Pot calling kettle, who's the one that can't decide to fart unless he asks the Tz community how to.

    Posted this cos I wanted to.