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  1. 1984 Rolex 16660 Sea Dweller, Matte Dial

    Quote Originally Posted by joe narvey View Post
    Iíve tried to avoid getting into vintage as Iíd end up spending a fortune (and Iím trying to be more disciplined), I really like that.
    Thanks, itís a beautiful watch. A few interesting trades offered but still available currently.
  2. REDUCED AGAIN!!! 2004 Audi A4 1.9tdi - 6 speed

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Glover View Post
    Hi Mike does this need a major or minor service and did you get the 16 inch wheels with the car and if so are they included?
    Minor service and no I didnít get the other wheels.
  3. 1962 vintage Submariner 5512 Gilt PCG pick up.........

    Quote Originally Posted by bobdog View Post
    Yep, itís got to be pushing 30k, the only worry would be if itís radium!
    Iím betting the original owner got his pants pulled royally down by the AD!!
  4. iPhone X 256GB

    Quote Originally Posted by Loki View Post
    Hi there, I have an iPhone X 256gb unlocked in space grey, battery is at 93% bought it privately from AVForums for our Son for Xmas but he now wants an XR, so the X is up for sale, I have checked it over at it is in great condition and comes with two cases and a couple of tempered screen protectors. PM me if interested.
    Now all sorted thanks to Loki.

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