View Full Version : variation on a theme....who has Bang and Olufson then?

6th June 2003, 19:10
I've always loved this stuff......ever since a friend got one of those flat panel cd tape things in the early 80's.
I now have the upright cd spinning infront of you thingy with the glass sliding doors.
I warn you though this stuff gets to be a passion!


7th June 2003, 00:20
B&O = Style over function

You want to get yourself a proper `music centre` from Amstrad or a top of the range Alba - now thats quality :lol:

Had a B&O telly a few years back - I used to fondle the remote, very ergonomic. Sad really!


7th June 2003, 10:13
I've got a nice old B+O telly, and fir Christmas, I bought the wife a cordless B+O phone. Great gear, but so expensive!

I really covet their 'in-the-ear' earphones for portable stereos. That'll be next.....

7th June 2003, 18:26
Their style over function....but i like that. They don't look like anything else and don't really date.The CD player i've got is still a current model and the design is at least 15yrs old. So yes.. there expensive and although they sound good there not 'reference' quality by any means.
I still love the gear and it all connects together so you can add stuff when you can afford to.

They have recently done some 'reference' quality speakers but there not cheap........11.000 a pair! add the plasma telly and your upto 23.000!

Oh well....one day!

8th June 2003, 22:57
Does the passion for B&O extend to their watch range!!

Just noticed this while trawling eBay


They make great Telly's, but watches :? Well at list their consistent with their high prices!


8th June 2003, 23:27
never seen one of these before........UUUUGHHHHHH!
Hope i never see one again :shock: