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3rd February 2004, 17:29
Can anyone tell me what this watch is like, good points bad points etc?

I have a P6500 which I am very happy with.

Regards Daz

3rd February 2004, 17:33
Hello Daz,

do you mean the Pxxxx in titanium, or the one with "Traser" on the dial? I think the "Trasers" are being discontinued in favor of the H3 / Pxxxx series (same company anyway).

Maybe you could post a link to the watch you mean?

BTW: I have the P 6500 as well, and it is a most excellent watch.


3rd February 2004, 18:17
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... y=290&rd=1 (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2689022177&category=290&rd=1)

This is the link.

Cheers Daz

3rd February 2004, 19:01
It is definitely not a military watch. The only Traser watch built to mil-specs is the Traser P 6500, and possibly the P5900.

Personally, I find the design of this particular watch a bit garish. I prefer the colder style of the H3 and Luminox watches. Have you considered any Titanium Luminox? Same company/manufacturer/technology.


3rd February 2004, 19:30
On the subject of Traser, I have an S3000. Whilst not strict military issue, the source of this watch leads me to believe it was used by the military. It came in with a batch of issued RAF Seiko chrono's. Possibly a watch that was undergoing tests in the field ? Maybe ? I'll never know for sure :cry:



3rd February 2004, 21:31
Hello Foggy,

I find this easy to believe. A lot of Trasers/Luminoxes must have been sold to the armed forces, especially in the UK where Traser had/has a big business. Unit purchases rather than MoD procurement, perhaps, but the difference is important on MWR, not so much here.

The lead distributor for the H3/Pxxxx series of Traser wtaches claims that a batch has been sold to UK forces, again presumably in a unit-purchase scheme rather than an official MoD procurement process, but I am disinclined not to believe him.