View Full Version : Questions about what happens after the judge's decision

21st August 2007, 14:13
Hi, first time poster here. I?ve only been made aware of this forum after I?ve tried to order a Broadarrow PRS-3 to replace one I foolishly lost in the sea at Belhaven Bay last month.

I have a couple of questions about what will happen when this legal wrangle has finished. Firstly, if justice is done and Omega are sent packing with a flea in their collective ear, how long will it take to start reordering stock from Zeno? On the other hand, if the worst comes to the worst is there anything to stop Eddie selling the same watches under a different brand name?

21st August 2007, 17:01
I'm sure Eddie will answer this himself as well, but earlier on he has stated fairly strongly that a) production of current Broadarrow models will not be restarted and b) that Zeno may no longer be involved. There is already talk about a replacement for the PRS-10, possibly under the Precista brand and with upgraded specs.
I feel the PRS-3/4 is a great beater watch and that it deserves a place alongside the current Precista models like the PRS-17 and 18. But I can also see why for Eddie it might not make a lot of business sense to have a lot of different models with very similar specs, even if they look and wear differently. As for other Broadarrows that were ever produced, I'm sure a good many people would like to see some of them return as well. But it may never happen.