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3rd December 2006, 16:11


3rd December 2006, 16:15
"Go Eddie Go!" :D

3rd December 2006, 16:28
Swedish isn't it?

Give Joakim a call :lol:

3rd December 2006, 18:45
From: http://www1.worldlingo.com/en/products_ ... lator.html (http://www1.worldlingo.com/en/products_services/worldlingo_translator.html)

"Written village Vicke at Dec 2, 2006 21:30: 03:
Has followed Eddie flat (Timefactors) struggle against Omega on TZ-UK a while, and one begins of course to wonder what damn Omega agreewith on.
The question concerns in short features the use of the name Broadarrow/Broad Arrow.
One classic David against Goliat!
Makeacommitmentto gladly on the link below and to form your one own view, my view
is in all fall entirely clear.
The entire feels only tragicly from Omegas side.
Would last kul to consult what one Omegafrände as Undersköterskan thinks in the dossier.
Go Eddie Go!

4th December 2006, 10:21
Hello Eddie. I have been doing some writing on the Swedish forum that you mentioned. (Linked to) To summarize it I have stated my opinion in this matter, also explained that "Broad Arrow" is an ancient symbol which in my opinion not can be used as a trademark. I mentioned that you have filed for "BROADARROW". Of course Omega is acting shameful and will lose respect & customers.

I studied Omegas "legal" on their website, obviously/naturally "Broad Arrow" is not a registered trademark. And I will be extremely surprised if it will be so. Maybe Omega will be sued by the British Crown if they try.

I wish you the best of luck in this matter. Keep up the good work and stay strong!

Joakim - SWEDEN

5th December 2006, 11:38
Welcome to the forum, Joakim! :-)

13th October 2009, 17:26
welcome joakim!!!

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welcome joakim!!!

You are kidding me!!