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15th September 2003, 16:43
Went to Camp Clearfork, Arkansas for our annual Taiho-Ryu Training Camp. 16 years I've been in Taiho-Ryu, and been to camp.

My father started teaching me when I was 8 years old. He's one of the senior instructors (one of five), and a fifth degree black belt. I'm his assistant instructor, and have been teaching for about six years.

A few years ago we found out that the camp used to be a POW camp for German officers during WWII. We also learned that the dam was built by the POWs.

It's a beautiful area surrounded by mountains. Lots of fresh air, and lots of spiders (especially Brown Recluses). While my photos haven't been developed yet, there are a few from a couple of years ago that I can share to show a bit of the camp grounds.

Here's one of with the black belts (including me):

This one is my dad teaching:

This one is Sensei (Sensei Hardy, the founder of our system) about to tear Sensei Smith's (my god father) head half off: :twisted:

If you guys would like to see more, I'll post them once they're developed.

15th September 2003, 20:57
Nice weekend excursion John - its good to see what folks get up to at the weekend.

Perhaps I'll post pics of my S & M weekend - ouch!!!!!

All the best

16th September 2003, 19:25
a masochist. :shock:

Just because I like pain doesn't mean that I'm a masochist does it? :twisted: