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22nd September 2005, 21:41
Following the denial of Omega's application for summary judgement in the trademark dispute, I again suggested that they may be willing to settle this.

I just received a fax from their attorneys stating that their position was unchanged and that Omega was unwilling to compensate me financially for anything. They further said that the settlement terms offered in November 2004 remained unchanged.

The "offer" in November 2004 stated that they were unwilling to compensate me financially for anything but that they would allow me to continue selling watches with the "Broadarrow" mark until June 2005. In September 2005, allowing me to sell Broadarrow watches until June 2005 is Monty Pythonesque. :lol:


23rd September 2005, 09:52
The name 'Kafka' springs to my mind.


23rd September 2005, 17:39
In solidarity I am going to sell my Omegas and not buy any more...that'll teach them!

24th September 2005, 09:39
Don't sell them - give them to me - I'll deal with them!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously though - I fear for the sanity of the senior Omega people!


13th October 2009, 17:27

13th October 2009, 18:31

What the hell give it up mate

13th October 2009, 18:58

What the hell give it up mate

If he carries on like this i suspect the decision will be made for him......

13th October 2009, 19:00

What the hell give it up mate

If he carries on like this i suspect the decision will be made for him......

I'll bet good money that will happen. :twisted:


20th November 2009, 12:43

FFS :lol:

20th November 2009, 13:47

FFS :lol:

superb :D


20th November 2009, 14:10

FFS :lol:

superb :D


In his 12 posts he has written but 16 words, and lots of !!!!!!! :roll: :D

20th November 2009, 14:10
Post of the year! :lol: :lol: :lol:

20th November 2009, 14:41
In his 12 posts he has written but 16 words, and lots of !!!!!!! :roll: :D
You've gotta love a trier .. especially such an articulate one!

Post of the year! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Possibly, but his others are sure just as compelling ..

8th January 2010, 21:42


15th January 2010, 03:50

He's from Hong Kong and speaks American - leave him alone! I'm sure he has lots of great watches to sell us :D

19th September 2011, 23:34
You have my sincere sympathy, this is an horrific position to be in, I've been there.

The truth is that its probably not a matter of Omega management protecting their brand but the lawyers trying to generate income. Trouble is that this does not help the bank balance or state of mind.

Perhaps the Omega board should know. I feel like going to the Omega store in the exchange at Bank, look to order a top end watch than change my mind , let them know why and making sure the UK management know. If this affected the brand image they would think again.

These large corporates give their lawyers free reign to bully, a small one man garage I know got bullied by a multinational car manufacturer, the local franchise targeted the fixed price services offered as well, are they really that desperate?

My oldest friend is a market trader and has been in business over 40 years. Without evidence, trading standards seized his stock because, in the view of a large sports organisation, brand rights were being infringed. You should have seen the stuff , it was laughable, trouble is that he does not have the funds to fight them.

Trouble is that no gov. body really cares about small businesses, where's the votes.

Apologies for the rant but this bullying really winds me up!

1st July 2012, 11:07
I agree with you, Gary. I have been there, still am there when it comes to being bullied.

I have a lot to say, but I need to find the "right" words . . .

Being right doesn't mean anything these days, quite often, unfortunately.

Very Best Regards . . .

Capt. Serdal