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Thread: Audi S4 Avant vs Skoda Superb Sportline 280 4*4

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    I've been fortunate to have had the use of A4 Avant, A6 Avant, BMW 3 Touring, Volvo T5 and V70, with kids and long journeys I'd opt for the bigger choice,
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey99 View Post
    Itís odd that when looking at a £37k car youíd be concerned about another £310 a year as if itís some kind of deal breaker.

    Maybe itís a sign that Iím not ready for the extra running costs of an Audi and I should stick with Skoda leaving more money for overpriced watches.
    It wasn't just the extra £310 a year, it was £310 a year, plus the difference between 30mpg and 50mpg, and greater depreciation, all on top of the extra £5k purchase price. Any one of them would have been OK. All together it got a bit much.

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    I like the idea of an s4 but with two kids and holidays planned I would get the skoda out of those two just for the space. S6 an option? Am quite tempted to get a big 4x4 and a fast saloon next time I change.

    Would expect the repair and service costs to be higher in the s4 too

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    At the moment I'm still not sure but plan to head out in the S4 on Friday for a proper test drive and then decide if it's really for me.

    I'm thinking that if I don't do it know I'll probably never do it so seriously tempted even if just for a couple of years.

    I guess we'll see.

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