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Thread: Crown at 2 (not 8) Citizen Promaster auto

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    Crown at 2 (not 8) Citizen Promaster auto

    I've just finished off this Citizen Promaster (bought off this very forum from MrTPG (thanks Tobi :D) by fitting a new bezel insert :)

    Really the only modification is the MOD dial. I've punched the date window in it - hence it's a bit wonky - at 4.30. I've fitted the dial's fitted 180 degrees out so the 12 is now at the original 6 position (& vice versa) - everything else (movement, hands, case, crystal etc) is standard :)


    Work in progress:


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    Nice work, well done!

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    Much nicer than the last time I saw it - great to see it given a new lease of life!

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    Crown at 2, exactly how I prefer mine as well

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